Quality is what is our trademark, starting with the choice of the manufacturer, the highest quality materials and the most professional service. In support of this thesis is the fact that behind us are satisfied customers and a number of realized demanding and complex projects.

A modern and contemporary design is something that is a must when choosing our elevators. Security is what there is no compromise with and what comes first when we talk about our priorities. We import our elevators from Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy.

Our decades of experience in this field are a guarantee that our customers feel safe when they rely on us both for an excellent selection of equipment and for a fair relationship in performing maintenance services.

Since its inception, our company has been engaged in the development and implementation of software for various purposes. ETC ENIAC accounting software, archiving and digitization software, restaurant software, hotel software are designed in such a way that we can easily adapt them to the various requirements of our users.

Our work also focuses on the design and distribution of security systems for the detection and protection of burglary, fire, carbon monoxide detection, access control, video surveillance systems, hotel security systems, sound and light signaling, perimeter protection and radio communications.

Our offer includes HCP fiscal cash registers and printers and other POS equipment, with outstanding features and quality of which we are also distributors for our region. We also offer wireless data transfer devices. With us you can perform fiscalisation as well as regular technical inspections of fiscal cash registers.

From day one we have been part of a large Total tv family. We are authorized partners and cover a large territory of Raska and Zlatibor districts.

Since 2000, ETC SYSTEMS has been engaged in activities in the field of design, sales, installation, servicing and maintenance: electrical installation, electrical goods, lighting, elevators, computer equipment, software, video systems, alarms, cash registers and total television …

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