Passenger Elevators

Passenger lifts are most commonly encountered in residential and commercial buildings and are intended primarily for the carriage of passengers.

We install electric and hydraulic passenger lifts with or without engine room. Built-in lifts can be automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the wishes and needs of the investor. Also, the design and equipment of the passenger cabin can be adapted to the needs and purpose of the lift.

Electrical and Hydraulic Elevators


Regulated propulsion elevators (VVVF) are the right solution for high-flow office buildings. Depending on the facility and the requirements of the investor, we install electric lifts with or without machine room.

The drive machines of the Turkish manufacturer AKIS are very grateful for installation and exploitation. As with hydraulic lifts, here we are able to adapt the design and size of the cabin to the size of the drive shaft and the requirements of investors, of course, using quality materials, decorative stainless steel, granite, laminate and tempered glass.


Safe and comfortable driving as well as quiet operation are the main advantages of hydraulic lifts. With speeds of up to 0.8m / s and lift heights of up to 8 stations, with standard passenger flow, they are ideal for residential buildings. Hydraulic systems (piston and aggregate with all safety elements) are products of renowned Turkish, Greek and Italian manufacturers.
The size and design of the cab are adaptable to the size of the drive shaft and the requirements of the investor.
New generation hydraulic lifts have:

reduced energy consumption by up to 50%;
outstanding movement quality with the use of load and temperature independent BUCHER (C-LRV) electronic valve;
optimal fitting accuracy, etc.

In the event of a power failure, the standard option on our hydraulic elevators is to descend into the first lower station with an automatic door opening.


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