Service and maintenance

We provide the service of regular servicing of devices within the maintenance system. This ensures safe, uninterrupted operation and the best lift performance in accordance with current legislation.

In cooperation with a foreign partner, we have stocked spare parts, which ensures high quality maintenance and quick troubleshooting at all plants whose ETC SYSTEMS is properly maintained.

Special attention is paid to quality post-sales service, that is, regular monthly maintenance of the device during the warranty and after-warranty period.
Regular monthly maintenance includes inspection of the facilities once a month, control of their operation, elimination of identified defects and repair of elevators at the user’s request, in particular:

Checking the proper functioning of all safety devices, the drive train brake, the gripping device, the speed limiter, the limit switches, the bumpers, the drive shaft door and the drive shaft door lock.
Checking the ropes or chains and their connection to the cabin and counterweight,
Frictional traction check,
Checking the insulation of all circuits and their connections to ground,
Checking the connection to lightning insulation,
Cleaning and lubrication of elevator parts,
Checking the correct operation of the elevators and platform when traveling from station to station along the drive shaft in both directions, as well as when landing,
Checking the necessary outputs,
Checking the correctness of the propulsion and control devices of lifts and platforms,
Replacement of consumables and small items.

The description of the regular monthly maintenance work has been harmonized with the Rulebook on Elevator Safety and the Rulebook on Inspection of Elevators in Use (Official Gazette of RS, No.15 / 17 of 02.03.2017).










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